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Rolling Security Grilles > Special Features

Emergency Release DeviceEmergency Release Device

Easy to access, this device automatically disengages the motor drive, opens an unlocked grille part way, and allows personnel to exit. Simply pull on the extended handle to activate. Return the handle to the normal position to resume standard operation. This interior-wall-mounted device meets building and fire codes, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Factory Internal or Pre-Wired Adjustable Interlocks

Metro interlocks assure that the motors on our motorized rolling grilles will not operate unless the grilles are unlocked. They interrupt all power while the locks are engated, protecting locks, motors and other grille components from possible damage.

Metro interlocks are available internally to the motor operator, or pre-wired externally. Cost-effective only one interlock is required for each grille.

2 point and 3 point locking systemsTwo-Point/Three-Point Single Motion Locking Systems

Responding to customer requests for maximum locking strength, easily controlled from one central point; Metro developed the design and use of these ingenious locking systems. Our two-point lock secures each jamb through the simple turning of one centrally located handle. Our three-point system provides additional strength by also locking the center of the grille directly into the floor. A permanent, stainless steel closure plate covers the floor catch when the grille is raised, protecting the closure from debris, high heels or other foreign objects.

Adjustable Lock Strike

Accommodates various floor levels, carpeting, floor tiles and virtually any finished surface ... and can be adjusted at any time, even after flooring is completed.

Space Saver key switch"Space Saver" Key Switch

This Metro exclusive is 25% smaller than the industry standard. The Space Saver readily installs into storefront designs - even those with little mounting space - providing architects and contractors with maximum design flexibility. Tough and tamper-proof, it's only 2-7/8" wide by 4" high, no larger than a standard electrical switchplate.

Optional 4-1/2" Wide Bottom Bar Plate

This supplies additional strength for maximum security applications. This feature is standard on units over 26' wide, and the plate also conceals the overhead grille slot when the grille is raised.

Heavy-Duty Bottom Bar ConstructionHeavy-Duty Bottom Bar Construction

Metro refuses to compromise grille strength. We only use the strongest, most durable, extruded aluminum bottom bars. Our lock rods, for instance, are solid steel throughout the length of the bottom bar.


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